Supporting Medical Treatment Through Complementary Therapies

Penulis: Supriatin ; Rita Retna Pudyastuti ; Musiana ; Revie Fitria Nasution ; Devin Mahendika ; Abd Rivai Saleh Dunggio ; Johanna Tomasoa ; Mochamad Robby Fajar Cahya ; M. Khalid Fredy Saputra ; Aminuddin ; Heyni F. Kereh

Editor : Fardila Elba, SST., M.Keb, A.kP, Ph.D

No. ISBN: 978-623-09-8575-1

Harga Buku : 100.000,-

Sinopsis: Complementary therapies in traditional health services have recently become the focus of many countries. Indonesian people’s interest in using complementary therapy is starting to increase as an alternative to conventional treatment for reasons of chemical drug reactions and healing rates, finances, wanting to get services or therapy according to their wishes and improving the quality of life. Results of the National Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas) regarding the increasing use of traditional medicine including alternative complementary medicine.

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