Midwifery Practice (Optimal Services for Women’s Health)

Penulis: Noyumala ; Cici Yusnayanti ; Eka Sarofah Ningsih ; Zumrotul Ula ; Susanti ; Silvia Mona ; Dewi Parwati ; Greny Rahakbauw ; Jois Nary ; Sakriawati M ; Evis Ritawani Hasibuan

Editor : Fardila Elba, SST., M.Keb, A.kP, Ph.D

No. ISBN: 978-623-09-8576-8

Harga Buku : 100.000,-

Sinopsis: An attitude is not automatically realized in an action. To realize an attitude into a real action, supporting factors or enabling conditions are needed, including facilities or facilities and infrastructure. In this regard, Desi Arumawati, in her research on the Evaluation of the Implementation of the Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD) Program at the Sultan Agung Islamic Hospital, Semarang, explained that complete facilities and in accordance with predetermined standards are expected to improve the quality of service. Resources are factors that need to exist for the implementation of a behavior. The facilities available should be of adequate quantity and type and always ready to use. To take action, complete facilities must be supported and must have been prepared beforehand.

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