Sociocultural Dynamics of Health

Penulis: Tri Ayu ; Devin Mahendika ; Nurul Aini Suria Saputri ; Dr. M. Risal Tawil ; Suratno Kaluku ; Cut Mutia Tatisina ; Egy Sunanda Putra ;Lili Amaliah ; Dr. Dwi Moerjoedianto ; Dr. Djusmadi Rasyid ; Lina yunita

Editor : Fardila Elba, SST., M.Keb, A.kP, Ph.D

No. ISBN: 978-623-09-8156-2

Harga Buku : 100.000,-

Sinopsis: Culture comes from the Sanskrit language buddhayah, which is the plural form of buddhi (budi or reason) defined as things related to the human mind and intellect. Society is the unity of human life that interacts according to a certain system of customs that are sustainable and bound by a sense of common identity.

One of the factors affecting cultural change that is of much concern to anthropologists is the existence of new discoveries and symptoms of the spread of cultural elements. To recognize the characteristics of cultural elements and cultural change, there are several theories including the theory of evolution and diffusion.

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