Wound Care and Treatment for Health

Penulis: Donny Aditia ; Fransina Tubalawony ; M.Khalid Fredy Saputra ; Mochamad Robby Fajar Cahya ; Nur Febrianti ; Risca Hamdanesti ; Dewi Kokmesa ; Islaeli ; Kurniati Nawangwulan ; Yusnita Yusfik

Editor : Dr. Mansoor Abdul Hamid

No. ISBN: 978-623-09-8231-6

Harga Buku : 100.000,-

Sinopsis: Skin is wrapping Which elastick Which protect body from influence environment. Skin is organ most wide its surface Which wrap all over part outside body so that skin as protector body to danger material chemistry, light sun contain ray ultraviolet And protect to microorganisms as well as maintain the body’s balance with the environment. Skin is indicator for someone to obtain impression generally by looking at the changes that occur in the skin. For example, become pale, yellowish, reddish or temperature skin increase, show exists abnormality Which happen on body disturbance skin Because disease certain.

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